Road Rules and Safety Measures for Long Distance Holiday Trips

Australia becomes alive during Christmas and New Year celebrations. Remember, it is summer in Australia at that time, so tourists from Great Britain, Europe, and North America, escape from the bitter cold of their country to enjoy a sunbath in Australia. It is the time when the whole country is seen on barbeques on beaches, sporting on roads, and enjoying various cultural activities at night.

This is the riskiest time of the year when people are careless, ignorant while hitting the road. Most of the drivers are drunk and high with drugs. Youngsters turning 16 are more excited to drive their dad’s car during the Christmas holidays. It is the right time to impress their girl, boy, or peers.

Before handing them the car keys, ensure that they remember all road rules and educate them about the importance of following them. The best way to do this is by enrolling them in a driving school before the Christmas holidays. Nearly 300,000 students have enrolled in LTrent Driving School in Australia and passed their driving test in the first attempt. They have 50 years of knowledge and experience which makes them Australia’s leading educator of driver trainers. LTrent provides special training where learning road rules and driving is fun.

Road Safety Tips During Christmas

Road accidents and other fatal injuries are common during festive holidays. Honestly, these accidents can be avoided if we follow few safety tips –

  • Plan ahead by checking the route which you will follow before hitting the highways. You can check through GPS all road congestions, traffic and road construction, and non-peak traffic hours.
  • Check all rest stops and take a break in every two hours to relax your legs, back, and eyes. Driving for long can make you tired and you may doze off or get distracted from roads.
  • Check the weather condition of your state and the state where you’re traveling to. Also check laws for the others state, traffic conditions, and health of all people traveling along.
  • Take proper sleep a day before the trip so that you are fresh early morning.
  • Before traveling, get your vehicle checked properly through a service center. This will include tire pressure, tire tread, lights, brakes, steering fluid, coolant, and engine oil.
  • There will be many vehicles on the road because it is a holiday for everyone. Don’t lose patience if there is traffic or get provoked by impatient drivers in front and too much honking behind.
  • Follow defensive driving when you’re driving a long distance. This will include, being aware of the surroundings, keeping 4 seconds of distance between the vehicles in front.
  • Check your luggage before hitting the road. Ensure that they’re tightly packed inside the car and you’re not missing anything.

It is always wise to make a to-do list before traveling. Since vacations and holiday trips are planned a few days early, therefore you will have plenty of time to write down all necessary items. Sometimes, people forget their pet’s medicine or kid’s storybook which will keep them occupied all journey. During the COVID19 situation, it is wise to stay safe. This means enjoying holidays with precaution and proper care.