Few Reasons Why You Must Switch to LED Lights for Your Parking Lot

You may have noticed that most people these days prefer to replace their existing parking lights with LED lighting and it has become a very popular option.

Since this option of changing with LED parking lot light has become a welcoming trend, it is not going to cease anytime soon. There is no downside if you choose to shift to LED parking lighting, and there are plenty of benefits. 

The only challenge that you may face in order to make this shift to LED will be the actual process of installation.

Obviously, most of us now know that LED can save money as it is of much lower wattage as compared to Metal Halide and other traditional light sources.

However, you must know few other benefits that perhaps many of you may not be aware of:

    1. Increased light uniformity

When you are using LED Lighting having multiple numbers of emitters with focus-controlled optics, then hot spots will be eliminated and more consistent light coverage on the ground will be created. 

Also, reduce the darker areas in between the poles and that will smooth-out the lighting all across the property.

    2. Increased see-ability

Basic difference is how our eyes perceive light. Though you can measure light by lumen, but human eye perceives on scotopic level. The light emitted by an LED fixture will be perceived at much higher level than the traditional Metal Halide. 

Due to this reason, it will make illuminated surfaces to appear much brighter under LED at night.

    3. Energy cost benefits

LEDs consume much lesser energy as compared to all other types of lighting sources that are known to earth and thus with switching over to LED lighting, you can save lots of money on your energy bill.

    4. Quick and simple installation

During the new fixtures set up, especially when you will need new poles then it takes additional time and expertise to accomplish. Mostly for any new fixture you will need 2 electricians for installations.

However, for retrofitting you will need just a single expert. Once the electrician will nail down most effective way of installing mounting bracket and LED mount it will be handled within a minute. 

If you have enough retrofit kits, then entire parking lot will be full with LED lights just within a single day.

    5. Longer lamp lifespan 

LEDs are having much longer time of operation as compared to any other lighting system and hence after installing you need not bother about their replacement too soon.

    6. Less weight 

Even the highest-powered LED will be easy to carry and hence you need not be bothered to carry a bulky item with you.

    7. Brightness and color 

LED parking light lot fixtures will continue to maintain the same kind of natural white or any cool white color all throughout their whole life span.

    8. Easily maintainable

Once you have replaced all your parking lights with LEDs then you need not bother about frequent replacement, which you must have faced with all other kinds of lights. In fact, these lights do not need any major maintenance to perform.