Learn the Right Way to Clean and Disinfect N95 Or KN95 Mask

Face masks are one of the most effective ways to offer protection against coronavirus. To use it properly, you need to keep it cleaned and sterilized. A clean mask protects you from virus-based contamination.

In this article, we will talk about the ways to effectively clean and decontaminate your face masks. Follow these instructions to keep yourself, and loves ones protected from COVID-19.

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When should you wash your cloth mask?

There are the health guidelines by the public health department concerning cleaning and sanitization of face masks. Cloth face masks need to be washed frequently. According to the California department of public health, face masks should be washed daily after each use.

How should you wash your cloth face mask?

Cloth masks need to be washed thoroughly using a solution of hot water, and detergent. Dry the mask properly before you use it again. Proper cleaning and drying will help you destroy microbes, and bacteria to a good extent.

Always store your face mask in a paper bag so that it does not become dirty from the dust and other harmful particles present in the atmosphere. Always wash it using a hand sanitizer, before and after touching your face or mask.

How to reuse the face mask?

Wash your face mask after every use. Before you use it, make sure it is properly dried. You can dry it either in the sunlight or using a press.

How to choose the right face mask?

Face masks can be made using breathable cloth like cotton. It can be either hand-sewn or factory-made. You can use your scarves, sweatshirts, towels, or T-shirts to prepare them. It should be such that it efficiently covers your mouth as well as nose. Don’t use the fabric that has got holes in it.

Are cloth masks effective against the COVID-19 virus?

Cloth masks don’t offer full-proof protection to the wearer against coronavirus. In other words, you can’t depend on it to provide you 100% protection from infection-causing particles present in the air.

However, it is effective than going in the public without any protection. Cloth-based face masks act as a layer that obstructs biological aerosols and “droplets” that contains the virus in it.

Wearing a cloth mask is also effective when you are among infected people who do not show any signs of infection. They may release the virus without knowing about it. In such a scenario, cloth masks will protect you from the infectious droplets that are expelled by the infected person to a great extent.


To get the best level of protection from your face mask, it is required that you keep your face masks clean all the time. With the above cleaning tips and methods, you can ensure best hygiene of your mask.