A Guide to Choose A Perfect Crystal Chandelier for Your Dining Room Table

A chandelier creates a decorative statement and is a center piece of attraction to any home or room, especially a dining room. These days, you can find chandeliers in unique and innovative style, shape, finish, and size, so choosing a perfect chandelier can be overwhelming.

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Position and size are the two important factors you need to consider while purchasing a chandelier. The following are few tips that help you in choosing a right chandelier for your dining room that matches with the fixture space and your dining table.

Choose a right size chandelier that fits in your room

A large chandelier in a dining room with small area looks mismatch, so you have to determine what size fixture looks perfect in your dining room. The simple way to choose the right size chandelier is measuring the size of your dining table. The general rule is, measure your dining table width at widest point and buy a chandelier, which is nearly 12 inches fewer than it.

Select your favorite chandelier    

While purchasing a chandelier for your dining room, visualize the vibe style you like to evoke in the existing space. If you need a formal and classic style chandelier, then crystal chandeliers are a great choice.

Choose a chandelier shape that matches with the dining table

Select complimentary shape to co-ordinate the chandelier and dining table. A square or round dining table looks great with round chandelier, whereas rectangular chandelier matches with large, rectangular tables.

For rectangular tables, you can even choose 2 or 3 small chandeliers instead of suspending a large chandelier. If you have a large dining area then a large chandelier creates a luxurious statement and timeless elegance in the room.

Dining table and chandelier pairs     

Classic junction marble table and monarch pendant – It is an excellent pair for giving a razzle-dazzle touch to your dining room. The LED strip tucked in the frame creates an intimate light effect perfect for parties.

Also, junction marble is one of the most stylish dining tables that raise the elegance of any dining area. This pair is ideal for gentle spaces that have white walls and neutral tones.

Junction dining table and crystal chandelier – The white polished marble design matches perfectly with the crystal present in the stakes. It is a combination of both contemporary and present style.  A large crystal baluster at the center emerges a variety of candle lights and precision-cut crystals.

In addition to these, there are many other pairs like causeway dining table and gyro crystal chandelier, iceberg dining table and classic volt chandelier, and more you can choose the perfect pair depending on your room size.

You can even choose the best online suppliers, who provide high-quality crystal chandeliers and order your favorite style chandelier that match with your dining table and space.