Things to Consider Before Getting an Emotional Support Dog

Believe it or not, your service or emotional support dog will not always operate with perfection, no matter how well trained they are. Like humans, sometimes they can have a bad day or just be frustrating to you. As the owner, you must be prepared to be parent, friend, mentor, judge, coach, and troubleshooter for your dog. Sometimes, no judgment is required and you just need to be a neutral observer. This is especially true if your dog is acting out or resisting, you can’t be overly emotionally invested in what’s going on. If you are, then you won’t be able to find the root of the matter and solve the problem. In some cases, it may be beyond your control and you may need a professional to step in. Give your dog boundaries, structure, some freedom, love, and affection, to enable them to be the best versions of themselves. Get your ESA dog vests to minimize questioning and conflict when you are out with your dog.

All Eyes on You

Should you live in a bustling city, this may not apply as much, as many people will be busy with their own things, or trying to get to where they need to go. However, generally speaking, when you need to go places with your service or emotional support dog, you will get stares from some people. In fact, you may even feel like you and your dog are the center of attention, as people may even point and say things.

In many cases, you will always stand out. People will even have questions to ask, some of them you may even find to be personal, or prying type of questions. They may try to carry on long conversations with you about why you need your dog, the kind of work your dog does, and even telling you all about their dog. You must be able to be patient with this and not mind the stares and attention, but be willing to be firm when necessary, as not everyone needs to pet your dog, or be allowed to hold up your time.

Going Places can be Stressful

If your issue is invisible, such as in the case of needing a dog for emotional support or a service dog to help with certain conditions, going out with your dog can be stressful. It’s not as easy to just quickly run in and out of a place anymore, like perhaps you used to. Some people may even come off very rudely to you, and you may find yourself constantly interrupted by the questions of people. You may have to educate people on what your dog is for, if you like, should you have an emotional support dog. You don’t have to go into the details of your condition, but you can keep it general with the public. If you are pressed by staff, then you may want to give them some details on how, for example, in certain situations like this you used to freeze up from panic attacks, endangering yourself, and how the dog is there to help you with that. However, keep in mind that the owner or staff member may still decide that you have to leave their establishment with your dog. You technically only have the right to have a service dog in public places and not always an emotional support dog, although some places may allow it.

Get your ESA dog vests to minimize questioning and conflict when you are out with your dog.