Small Business Server Options for Your Growing Business

A server is a system that becomes a centralized resource for your network. Most small businesses decide they need a server when they hit more than three employees. Serversare affordable and manageable IT solutions in Orlando, FL. There are many server types for your growing company, but blade,rack, and towerservers are some common ones.

Blade Server

The blade server is meant for a network environment and comes in groups that need to work together to function. Its modular design makes it great for small spaces and energy consumption. The blade enclosure can hold multiple servers that each provide a service, like power, cooling, and networking. By creating a single space for everything to work together, the utilization of basic functions is more efficient with blade servers.

Rack Server

Like the blade server, the rack server is meant for a network environment. The biggest difference is in how theyare installed. The rack server is a standalone device installed in a cabinet and comes in 1U, 2U,and 4U varieties. The numbers identify how many racks there are in a unit. The more racks in the server, the more functionality you can expect.

  • 1U, or one rack, has a lower footprint and can serve as an excellent application server. When space at your datacenter is a concern, rackmount servers are the best option.
  • 2U, or two racks, is flexible and has easy to scale server configurations, meaning it can easily be customized to cover all the roles you need.
  • 4U, or four racks, is one that is engineered to be a powerhouse for any database-intensive application that relies on heavy processing, memory and storage capacity.

Tower Server

A tower server is built in an upright cabinet that stands alone. The size and shape are much like that of a personal computer. This server type isn’t rack-mounted. The overall component density is relatively low, so theyare easier to cool. In terms of scalability, they are great because an unlimited number can be added to an existing network. Except, when you have too many, it can get pretty noisy, since each unit requires a dedicated fan. Another drawback is that the cabling gets fairly complicated for a large group.

If you’re server shopping, and you need enterprise functionality on a tight budget, any small business server will do for your network solutions in Orlando. Whether you lean towards the tower, blade, or rackmount variety, bringing top tier SMB server computing to your business can be easy with all the technology available to you.