How You Can Apply for Admission to UC Berkeley?

The University of California of Berkeley is public research university of California state, which was founded in the year 1868. This is one of the flagship campuses which are oldest of the 10 campuses of University of California.

UC Berkeley has over 40,000 students and about 350 different undergraduate/graduate degree programs that cover numerous disciplines.

Let us discuss in the article about the procedures and requirements for obtaining UC Berkeley admissions.

How to apply?

In order to apply for admission to this university, you must start working for it from 1st August itself though last day of submitting application is 30th November. You are free to apply for as many courses as you like.

Application fees or fee waivers

Along with the application, you will also have to enclose a fee of $70, if you are citizen of USA and for foreign students the application fee will be $80.

Those students, who cannot afford the application fee, can get fee waiver too, however this fee waiver is only available for permanent US residents. You also need to submit the income proof of the family and also the size of the family.

Admission process

There is 2-step process of admission to UC, where you must satisfy the requirements for selection.

All your achievement which includes both your academic as well as nonacademic and personal records will be considered based on the context of all your educational circumstances.

More emphasis will be given on various challenges and opportunities that was faced by you and how you responded to them. Only a single characteristic or attribute will not guaranty your admission in Berkeley.

It is important that the applicants should meet all the admission requirements of the University:

There will be two categories of applicants for UC Berkley with different requirements for fresh candidates and candidates who prefer to get transferred from other colleges.

All students must carefully read all the instructions of the application and fill them by making sure that all the information they provide should be accurate.

There is no need for applicants to submit transcripts during this stage and also no supporting documentation about your awards, poetry, photographs etc.

All your enclosure if you enclose will not be returned, forwarded or retained by the admission authority. You must try to learn more about your documentation, transcripts, and exams from the website of the university.

Applicant information

Following are the check list that you must review before you submit your application for your admission to UC Berkley.

   1.As a fresh candidate

  • Try to learn more about the freshman policy of the university which also including information about letters of recommendation
  • Try to follow all the checklists of freshman applicant
  • Explore about first year pathways which you may select from if you get admission to Berkeley.
  • In case you want to apply to another UC, then review all the requirements of UC freshman

   2.As transfer candidate

  • Follow all the checklists about transfer applicant
  • Try to find about various transfer resources which are available for prospective candidates
  • If you want to transfer but never attended California Community College, then review your all the requirements.