Are Interested to Get Admission in the Florida State University? A Few Facts

Florida State University is one of the highly respected names in the field of public research institution, which is located in Tallahassee, having satellite campuses present in Panama City and Sarasota.

This university was founded in the year 1851 and became 4-year institution in the year 1901. During the year, 1947, it received the status of a university. Now the university has got enrollment of 40,000+ students which offers following degrees.

  • Associate
  • Bachelor
  • Master
  • Doctoral
  • Professional

Florida State University has 16 separate colleges, more than 100 centers, institutes, labs and educational facilities. The university offers 300 numbers of study programs and has got strong foundation in Biology, Meteorology and Chemistry.

Besides that, the university also offers various study programs including nursing, film school and education and business as majors.

If you are looking for FSU transfer then read further.

Applying to FSU

In order to apply to this university, you must submit:

  • All your test scores of ACT and SAT
  • Link a SSAR by copying 32-character code obtained from the SSAR account.
  • Select and upload one essay question
  • Upload your resume.
  • Fill up Residency Declaration form for Tuition Purpose.

Florida State University does not ask for official score reports which are part of their concentrated effort for minimizing unnecessary application costs.

Therefore, students usually self-report all their scores. For few candidates it may seem quite tempting to misrepresent few of their test scores, however this is not only dishonest and you may also get caught during the admission.

During the admission, all students have to submit their original official score reports before the enrollment.

FSU acceptance rate

It is little difficult to quantify the acceptance rate of Florida State University and it selectivity varies for different programs. In 2018, acceptance rate was about 49%, which is considered to be a moderately competitive to get into.

How can you make your application more impressive?

In order to consider admission in the university, academic performance will not be the only factor to be considered. The admission committee will also evaluate your essay and strength of your load during high school course.

Special admission consideration will also be given to candidates who are really talented in visual and performing arts or athletes.

Therefore, you must participate in various sports during your school days and prefer to take a stronger load in high school course.

What if your application gets rejected?

Every year more than 50% of applications get rejected every year and hence don’t get disappointed if you to get rejected for admission in the university. The university also accepts transfer of students from other universities.

Therefore, you can use this window to get into the university. However, you must remember the transfer to this university can also be quite tough to compete.

Following are few things you can do in order to increase your chance of getting admission to this university.

  • By working hard while you are in your high school
  • By taking strong course load
  • Do good preparation for the standardized tests
  • By submitting a very polished application essay.