How Google AdWords Can Influence Search Engine Optimization

Google AdWords has been one of the effective advertising methodologies that are currently used by people.  Marketing in Google AdWords has benefitted several businesses, to boost their website search rankings in the business. Though SEO and Google AdWords are not related to each other, it doesn’t directly assist the search engine rankings of a business.

To get the maximum benefit of Google AdWords, experts suggest businesses launch their Google AdWords search campaigns prior to making the investment in SEO. Let us learn more about how Google AdWords can impact SEO strategy in the business.

Ways Google AdWords influences SEO Strategy

Choose keywords wisely

Nothing can be more disappointing for a business when you invest in SEO strategy and your business ranks on top for those keywords that produce little, or negligible sales in the business.

You invest time, resources, and money in your business marketing to focus on keywords that don’t transform into sales. So, if a business wants that its Google AdWords to impact the SEO Strategy should need to invest its resources in determining relevant keywords that will increase sales considerably.

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Optimize keywords

Another important tip to influence the SEO Strategy is to optimize the website for all the right keywords. This will help in preventing the efforts of the business. If your chosen keywords, are failing to give you the desired sales conversion, then it is possible that it may not be correctly optimized.

In such a scenario, you need to optimize the keywords. Google AdWords search campaign proves to be useful. Though it will cost you a few bucks for marketing those keywords, the gains you will get can easily recover the costs.

Improves organic click-through rate

Another advantage of Google AdWords in the business is that it assists in making a strong impact on the CTR (click-through rate) of the business. There are several searches where paid provides a ton of traffic to businesses.

When you implement Google AdWords properly on your website, you will find incredible gains in click-through rate on the search engine results page.

Increased links, sharing, and coverage

Google AdWords is beneficial for SEO strategy as paid searches can help a business in increasing links, coverage, sharing, and mentions. Google AdWords help a business immensely by boosting organic rankings on SERP.

There are several possibilities of clicking a paid ad click. It can take a user to the website, or mention the brand at any other place, provide social media coverage, or perform sharing of some type.

All of this indirectly helps in improving the rankings. The more engagement is created on the website, the more traffic flows to the website. This, in turn, benefits the overall business.


With AdWords, a business can easily launch an impressive search campaign. The assistance of web marketing agencies implements powerful ways on the business website to impact the SEO strategy.