SNAP Benefits Help Those Household Members who are Incapable of Working

The beginning of Food Stamp Program, SNAP, was during high unemployment rate in 1939 in the US. However, the program didn’t last for long because WWII changed the scenario in the US. The country started blooming and prospering. However, in 1964 another Food Stamp program was started by President Lyndon Johnson which was revised in 1977 by Food and Agriculture Act. Since then, every year certain amendments have been made to the scheme and finally, the last program revised in 2002 is still active.

According to a survey, around 40 million people in America are taking the food benefits. It is a myth that food stamps are provided only to those who have low or no income in America. However, the truth is that the entire household should fall in a certain slab to get food benefits. This includes elder citizens, children, youngsters, and adults. The household income of entire house, excluding retirement and social security benefits, is calculated to approve the food stamps.

It is easy to apply for the SNAP if you have required documents as proof. Every state needs some documents and proof for verification. All states have their regulations and policy, therefore you can approach your stat’s SNAP office or log in to the government official site to create an account. You can also try if you lack in information for the program.

SnapBenefit is an online site that contains all information related to SNAP and EBT cards in entire US. They have updated news, guides, videos for every state related to food benefits. Even if you don’t know the office location for food stamp in your area, they can help you with the same. It is a trusted site that keeps your personal information safe with them.

Every year number of Americans is increasing to avail food benefits. When a family defines their household, they not only include their family members but according to the rules, they can also include those who live as well as eat with them. This makes the SNAP benefits into higher amount. Apart from US citizens, even legal immigrants are also eligible for benefits. When so many privileges are given, the rise in candidates is obvious.

The statistics reveal that –

  • 43 percent of American citizens live below the poverty line and 15 percent live above the line.
  • 47 percent of food stamps are given to children who are below 18 years of age. This means they aren’t eligible to earn their livelihood.
  • 41 percent of family members live with people who are fully or partially employed, still, their monthly income isn’t on par so they receive SNAP benefits.
  • Those who receive welfare benefits are less in number when getting SNAP benefits.

Most of the candidates who get food benefits are either very poor or very old or young to work. However, it isn’t easy to get SNAP welfares just by sitting at home.  There are certain rules that have to be followed. A person should first look for employment before applying for any benefits, and if they are employed, then they can’t resign unreasonably.

EBT cards cannot be used to procure every item. They are only for food and grocery. Hence, when you apply for the EBT card, check all requirements and rules applicable on it.