The impacts of irresponsible cosmetic products on the environment

The world has become more globalised considering the shed love of cosmetics that humans have. Little do we know how much the makeup that we use can cause harm to our beautiful planet. Several studies have indicated that there are some ingredients in the cosmetic products that end up in lakes rivers and oceans in very high concentrations that can disturb the aquatic life. However, this information is never clearly advertised by any manufacturer.

When all the harmful ingredients present in the cosmetics are mixed with the water enter the aquatic wildlife, they also enter the human food chain. 20 cosmetic products are cancer-causing to humans and pollute the environment on several levels.

As the world is slowly moving towards eco-friendly means of living, it is also required that people use sustainable cosmetics rather than using irresponsible brands. Use of sustainable cosmetics will have the same effect as that of replacing plastic bags with eco insulated cooler bags that are reusable.

What are the common ingredients that harm the environment?

The ingredient which is most commonly used is microbial technology which is presented as a cutting edge in cosmetic technology. Microbeads are very small plastics that are made from chemical polythene. These microbeads are present in several types of shower gels and face washes. It has been proven that any amount of microbeads present in the shower gel are the same as the amount of plastic of the container.

Another material used in making mineral sunscreens and makeup is Titanium dioxide which is usually found in the form of nanoparticles. It is noted that this chemical has harmed the DNA of a snake and reduce the growth of phytoplankton. This fact is true concerning because phytoplankton is responsible to provide oxygen for more than half of our planet and it is a major food resource for the aquatic wildlife. Phytoplankton deduction can cause harm to marine species which can lead to the reduction of oxygen levels to a great extent.

Another very common chemical preservative is paraben that is used to increase the expiry of a product. The scientist has studied and figured out that the pyramid is one of the reasons that cause hormonal damage to marine animals.

Triclosan is another ingredient that is used to hold the growth of bacteria in cosmetic products. This chemical is also detected in a very dangerous amount in several lakes and seas which can reduce the lifespan of marine species.s

How to prevent harm to the environment?

You can prevent the use of irresponsible cosmetic brands which will reduce the harm done to the environment. Switch to sustainable cosmetic products that are made from natural materials. Sustainable cosmetic products are not only beneficial for the earth but they are also very much beneficial for your skin.

All of these reasons are why you should grow green on your cosmetics and start using sustainable cosmetics.