Tips to Visiting Dubai With Tight Budget 2019

Many of you may be wondering whether it is really possible to visit this middle east oil rich country at budget rate, which is known for its 5-star hotels and restaurants. Surprisingly the answer is YES. Do you want to know how? Then read the tips provided in this small write up.
There are so many surprises that you can find in this city and hence it a place worth paying visit at least once. Dubai is known all over the world for various innovation, dynamic nightlife and endless shopping.
If you want to know about free things to do in Dubai then it is worthwhile to pay a visit to the website and learn about the city in detail. Following are few tips to manage your visit in Dubai at a budget price.

You can easily find gourmet food which is inexpensive

There are expats from all over the world living in Dubai and therefore without any difficulty you will be able to find out gourmet-worthy dishes in a number of places. If you love spicy Indian foods then there are few Indian restaurants available. You can easily get mutton and chicken items here. Besides that, there are many Chinese restaurants too. Lebanese and other middle eastern tasty foods area also available.

For travelling either use metro or ride a bike

When you look for your accommodation then make sure that it is located near a metro station. Metro offers very cheap mode of communication instead of hiring any taxi, particularly if you want to travel long distance. Metro price in Dubai is the cheapest in the whole world. Besides that, you can also avail other public transport like bus, tram or water taxis. There are bike rental system introduced in Dubai, which you can get on rent and drive yourself. This can save your money.

Find out few retail shops for inexpensive items

Avoid going to any big mall for shopping as the price of an item in such mall is generally a bit higher. However, there are certain stores in Dubai, who will offer discount as high as 70 per cent too. You need to search for such malls or shopping places which are cheaper in Dubai. Certain locations like Bur Dubai bank and Dubai Creek has best market where you can get most of the things at genuine rate.

Look for budget friendly accommodation

Try to find a budget friendly accommodation for your stay in Dubai. Try to search in the older part of the city where you can get affordable hotel or apartment. You can also check from Airbnb list for cheaper accommodation.

Enjoy the beach

There is 40 km of beach in Dubai where you can have good time. Jumeirah Beach park is accessible by paying only 5 dirhams per head.

Visit few museums

Museums are also quite affordable and guided tour is absolutely free. You can learn about the culture, tradition and origin of Dubai by visiting these museums.