Things Small Business Owners Should Outsource

More than 30 million small businesses are in the United States. And that, as all small business owners know, means that at least 30 million people out there feel as if they’re doing too much!

Let’s face it: Running a small business is stressful. Whether you’ve founded a cake shop or a landscaping service, you have a whole lot to do that has nothing to do with your business’ core competency. You have to worry about hiring and paying employees, picking out business spaces, working with lawyers to establish your business, and more.

It can all get pretty tiring. But here’s the thing: You don’t have to do everything. Outsourcing has big benefits for small businesses, and it may be able to work wonders for yours. With some smart outsourcing, you can streamline your business, save money, and better focus on the things that you do best. Here are a couple of things that your business should be outsourcing.


No modern business can get by without computers. These days, virtually all forms of businesses need computers and the internet to manage the work they do, communicate with clients and customers, and advertise and promote their services. You’ll need computers to store files, write and print contracts, perform research, and more.

So computers are everywhere — but that hasn’t transformed all of us into computer gurus. You can invest in computers for your business’ office or a Wi-Fi network for your retail space, but will you know what to do when something goes wrong with that technology? Even if you do, would you have the time to take care of it?

Get the work done right, and don’t waste your own time. Get an I.T. department. No, not one within your business — that’s not necessary. All you need is a good outsourced I.T. solution that is scalable to your business’ size and particular computer and networking needs.


Payroll is exceedingly important. If your employees aren’t paid the right amount, or if the wrong amount is withheld from their paychecks for taxes, or if anything else related to payment and salary goes wrong, your small business’ morale is going to plummet extremely fast.

Getting everything right is possible, but the safeguards and best practices that you’ll need to use will cost you time and money. Even smaller business will have to create a payroll department to manage this stuff — unless, of course, they outsource it.

Outsourcing is sometimes about spending money to make sure things are done right and to free up more time for you and your employees to focus on the stuff your business does best. But not in this case — in this case, outsourcing will actually save you money, because you would almost certainly have to build a payroll department out for your own business if you chose not to outsource.


Like payroll (it’s often handled by the same outsourcing firms), accounting is an important part of keeping your business financially stable. Mistakes with accounting and related things, such as taxes, can cost your business big-time. And trying to do everything yourself could run you afoul of regulators and the IRS — and no small business wants the government as an enemy!

Do yourself a favor. Look at the best outsourced accounting services in your area, and work with one to make sure that your business gets all of its financial stuff done right. You’ll have a lot less math to do and a whole lot less to worry about.