Use CBD Oil to Treat Anxiety and Pain for Your Dogs

Various studies conducted on CBD products have proven to be very effective in treating many kinds of problems in humans. However, it has been recently revealed that CBD can be beneficial to our pet dogs too.

How CBD oil can help my dog?

Dogs and cats too have endocannabinoid system like we humans, and thus CBD can also provide them to get benefits. Let us learn little more about endocannabinoid system in the dogs in this write up.

CBD pet treats can help you to treat them from number of problems as follows:

  • Anxiety and stress
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Moderate to severe type of pain
  • Joint pain
  • Arthritis
  • Digestion problems
  • Seizures

How to find high-quality of CBD oil?

Usually, CBD oil meant for pets is not very well regulated, hence you must consider few vital factors while searching for safe and most effective products

  • Whether it is organic?
  • How the CBD has been processed?
  • Has it been independently tested?
  • What is the THC level?

How much quantity of CBD oil must be given to dog?

All vets will urge you to exercise caution while prescribing CBD for dogs, as enough research have not yet been done in this regard however still CBD oil is recommended for the pet dogs.

Unfortunately, no regulated dosage levels have been established yet, but one can learn more with experience and reading various guides provided in the internet.

Following are few tips that is useful which you can do in consultation with any experienced veterinarians:

  1. Always begin with very low dosage and then slowly increase if required. It is very important to monitor the response of your dog.
  2. Consider the weight, size and the level of activity of your dog and all these factors will help you to decide how you’re your dog can metabolize CBD.
  3. Take into consideration about other health conditions of your dog that can affect in reacting to CBD, like kidney or liver problems.
  4. Look for high-quality of CBD oil which is free from toxins as this industry is still not properly regulated.
  5. Select right potency based on size of your dog.

How long to wait to check effect?

As a pet owner, your most worry will be to know when you will really start noticing the effect of CBD really taking place after you have given the necessary dose to your pet dog. It will depend on what type of condition you are using it for.

If you want to treat anxiety, then you can notice effects within 5 – 30 minutes. However, if you are using CBD for arthritis, chronic pain or inflammation issues, then you have to wait for few weeks to find consistent results.

Based on dosage amount and the brand too, it may vary.

Best CBD oil meant for dogs

While selecting the top picks for CBD oil companies particularly for treating your dogs or any such products, try to read various reviews written by other pet dog owners.

Few of the companies have got very good reputation as pet CBD products, and few others will offer CBD products for both pets as well as humans.